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aliza gerritt


empowerment architect ℠

t h i s  life, h e r e and n o w, is a limited time offer. we didn't come here to: copy, edit, emulate, imitate, filter, falsify, pretend or perform. we are not compilations of reels and remixes. our real role and responsibility is to remember who the fuck we are and embody t h a t in an: authentic, original, unedited, unrepeatable expression.

who I is:
truth seeker, truth speaker, prolific writer, poet, artist, visual and visceral  storyteller, dream weaver, sacred space creatrix, empowerment architect, transformational guide.

founder of healingtouchsd

author of thr33:
a rhythmic compilation of 33 pulsating poems each inspired by three words.

available on amazon now!


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