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neurotique ninja


weilding none fucks like nunchucks ™

wielding none fucks isn't about being fuck-less. it's an art form of giving a fuck: when, where and why a fuck is essential. this is not a simple task. it's a choice point. an invitation. like any art form, our skill is rendered useless if we do not: exercise, train, practice.

a ninja knows the enemy's strengths and weaknesses, and can refrain from engaging in combat,
while still battling the opponent.
a ninja knows self as the enemy,
as the opponent.

welcome to my d o j o:
self-defense for the soul.

join me in a unique practice
as I share my art form of wielding none fucks: tricks, tips and tales on
how to slay like a ninja.

Stay connected.
slay like a ninja.

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